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Medical Weight Management

Embark on a transformative journey towards a healthier, happier you with our comprehensive weight loss services.

Our dedicated team is committed to guiding you through a personalized and sustainable approach to shedding unwanted pounds.

How It Works

Consultation Bloodwork:
We offer you a full metabolic panel, hormone & thyroid panel, cholesterol, glucose, A 1 C, insulin, vitamin & cortisol levels, and discuss the overview of our weight loss program.

Initial Appointment:
After the consultation bloodwork, we offer an initial weight-loss intake form of medical, diet & lifestyle history, weight, measurements & before pictures will be taken, and medications will be given from this appointment.

Personalized Treatment & Plan Consult with Health Provider: 
We will explain the program guidelines & expectations are explained. Personalized treatment plan created together by the client & provider.

Monthly Follow-Ups with Health Provider: 
Continued treatment & monitoring of personalized treatment plan along with medications.

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Benefits of Our Medical Weight Management Program

  • Assess & address hormonal & endocrine disruption with a tailored program for each client.

  • Learn to control food intake by nourishing the body and breaking addiction.

  • ​Understand the body's response to malnourishment & set wellness-centered goals to learn to nourish the body.

  • Stop allowing calorie counting, scales, and schemes that control you! Weight loss is only valuable if maintained.

  • Utilize medications like GLP-1 as a tool to control appetite while slowly making changes.

Success Rate

Client Weight-Loss Average: 6.4 pounds per month

Total Body Weight-Loss Average: 19% in one year 

GLP-1 medications are shown to be as effective as bariatric surgery!

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Our Pricing

Initial Bloodwork Consultation & Trial Injection


First Appointment With Medications


Monthly Follow Ups


*Prices May Vary Depending on Medications Book a Consultation to Learn More*

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