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Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Laser Hair Removal

Discover the freedom of silky-smooth skin with our cutting-edge laser hair removal services.

Tired of endless shaving, painful waxing, or plucking?

Our advanced technology offers a safe, effective, and long-lasting solution for removing unwanted hair from any part of your body.

Triton Laser Hair Removal By Inmode Aesthetics

We offer laser hair removal for Arms, Under arms, Chest, Back, Legs, Face, and Bikini lines.

Unwanted hair can be a concern for individuals of all genders. Triton stands out as one of the best for hair removal solution, boasting a multi-wavelength capability.

Unlike previous laser devices that often necessitated 10-12 sessions, Triton achieves remarkable results in fewer than 3 sessions, setting a new standard in efficiency and effectiveness.

How Do Triton & Diode Work?

Throughout the procedure, laser beams utilizing the widely recognized hair removal wavelengths (diode, alexandrite, or yag) traverse the skin, honing in on the hair follicles.

The deeply penetrating energy subsequently elevates the temperature of the hair's root, effectively impeding any prospective hair regrowth.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?

With each session, hair diminishes gradually, and noticeable results emerge after approximately four to six treatments.

The total number of sessions required varies based on factors such as hair color, hair type, skin tone, and the specific body area being treated.

What are the Benefits of Laser Hair Removal?

Triton laser hair removal delves into the root issue, providing a lasting remedy instead of a temporary fix.

Unlike the need for recurring sessions with traditional methods, Triton remarkably curtails the necessity for only a few sessions to attain reduced hair growth and the luxury of smooth, hair-free skin.

Notably, Triton earns distinction as the pioneer and sole FDA-cleared device to achieve the simultaneous emission of multiple wavelengths within a single hair removal apparatus. Not all laser hair removal is the same!

Which Areas Can Be Treated?

  • Arms

  • Under arms

  • Chest

  • Back

  • Legs

  • Face

  • Bikini line

Marble Surface

Our Pricing

Small Area

$75 or 6 Sessions/$400

Medium Area

$125 or 6 Sessions/$600

Large Area

$175 or 6 Sessions/$900

X-Large Area

$325 or 6 Sessions/$1,700

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