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Hormone Balancing

Age Healthier, Live Better with BioTE

BioTE, the balance of nature and science with extraordinary benefits.  Studies have shown optimized hormones are necessary for good health.  With BioTe, hormone pellets are placed under the skin and release bioidentical estradiol and testosterone consistently into the blood stream.  Before being optimized, some of our patients complained of:

  • Lack of energy and fatigue

  • Difficulty sleeping at night

  • Reduced mental focus and memory

  • Mood swings, anxiety, depression

  • Weight gain

  • Inability to lose weight regardless of healthy diet

  • Decreased muscle strength

  • Muscle/Joint pain

  • Reduced sexual desire and performance

Proper hormone levels are determined by the BioTE comprehensive blood work analysis.  Unique dosing is recommended for each patient for the best possible outcome.  Pellets introduce hormones into the bloodstream 24 hours a day.  Patients tell us this steady stream of cardio-activated hormones allows greater symptom relief over other hormone balance methods.  

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What blood test is required before the pellet insertion?

We do require extensive lab work while considering a patient’s candidacy for BHRT using pellets.  During your consultation, we will discuss the results with you before moving forward with pellet therapy.

What happens during the week following insertion?

After pellet insertion, it's best to eliminate lower body exercise. Walking should be fine, but extraneous activity is not recommended. Swimming, hot tubs, and bathtubs are to be avoided; however, showers are permitted. After removal of the bandage, normal activity may resume.

What happens during the in-office insertion? 

During the in-office visit, which only takes a few minutes, you are brought into the exam room, and the insertion site is numbed. The most common site of insertion is the upper buttocks. A small incision is then made for pellet insertion. Once the pellet is inserted, the insertion site is covered with a small bandage.

How often is pellet insertion necessary?

As each patient’s symptoms are unique, so is each patient’s path to hormone optimization. Each pellet therapy is customized to fit your specific needs.

What happens to the pellets after they are inserted?

Since pellets are bioidentical and contain hormones like those produced by the body, they are completely dissolved and absorbed, leaving nothing behind.


Female Hormone Balancing 


(prices do vary)


Male Hormone Balancing


(prices do vary)


IV drip therapy improves overall wellness by providing 100% of the vitamins and nutrients your body needs to:

  • Improve immune health

  • Boost energy levels

  • Improve symptoms of depression

  • Improve anxiety

  • Improve mental clarity and cognitive function

  • Reduce the symptoms of migraines

  • Improve symptoms of asthma

  • Improve allergies

  • Combat fatigue

  • Accelerate wound healing

  • Maintain the strength of muscles and tissues


Myers Cocktail

Hectic 24/7 lifestyle, such as stress, a weakened immune system, allergies, muscle aches, fatigue, and much more.  Myers will keep your body in balance, support energy and your immune system, muscles and sleep.




Did you close down the after party?  This solution will help bring you back to life.  Components of Myers Cocktail and other vitamins and minerals will alleviate your headache and nausea. 



Additional Options

Add Zofran or Glutathione      $40

B12 Injections                       $20

MIC Injections                      $20

Vitamin Injections                 $30



Our combination of IV hydration and vitamin additives will virtually eliminate dehydration.  Hydration restores fluid imbalances, replenishes electrolytes, and can detoxify by flushing out your system.



The Athlete

Increased energy and recoverability for anyone looking for that edge.  This infusion is good for pre and post workouts.  Glutamine can expedite faster muscle recovery.


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