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Xeomin provides a pleasing, youthful appearance without any downtime or discomfort, enhancing your confidence levels.

At The Results Lounge, we are delighted to offer Xeomin injections as a cutting-edge alternative to BOTOX and Dysport.

Experience the transformative effects of this state-of-the-art treatment and embrace your newfound radiance.

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About Xeomin

Xeomin, a neuromodulator crafted from botulinum toxin type A, harnesses the protein produced by the bacteria Clostridium botulinum. Unlike BOTOX, Xeomin boasts a pure formulation without any additives or fillers, making it an excellent choice for individuals who have developed resistance to other neuromodulators.

Upon injection, Xeomin temporarily relaxes the tiny facial muscles responsible for wrinkle formation. This effect softens and smoothens the dynamic creases that result from laughing, squinting, smiling, and frowning. The ultimate outcome is a more rejuvenated, appealing countenance, reflecting a well-rested appearance.


What Xeomin Can Improve:

  • Frown lines

  • Crow's feet

  • Horizontal forehead lines

  • Eyebrow sagging

  • Lip lines

  • Bunny lines

  • Neck lines

  • Chin creases

Benefits of Xeomin:

  • Safe, effective, and non-invasive

  • An excellent alternative to BOTOX and Dysport

  • Helps reduce dynamic wrinkles and creases

  • Treats frown lines and crow’s feet

  • Painless with no downtime

  • Rewinds the clock on facial aging

  • Enhances self-image and self-confidence

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Is Xeomin Right For Me?

If moderate to severe wrinkles are a concern, making you appear older than you feel, Xeomin could be an excellent solution. Ideal candidates should be mentally and physically healthy, with realistic expectations for the outcome.

With its purer formulation, Xeomin reduces the likelihood of resistance over time, making it a great alternative for those not achieving desired results with BOTOX or Dysport.

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Xeomin Different from BOTOX?

Xeomin and BOTOX are both effective neuromodulators in reducing dynamic facial lines. While BOTOX typically shows quicker results, Xeomin's pure formulation without extra additives makes it an excellent choice for patients seeking a purer formula.
For personalized recommendations based on your goals and concerns, schedule a private consultation with one of our licensed injectors.

 During the consultation, they will thoroughly assess your skin, review your medical history, and provide the best recommendation to suit your needs.

What Can I Expect?

Xeomin sessions are quick and painless. If desired, your provider can apply a topical numbing cream for added comfort, though most patients find it unnecessary.

Strategically injecting Xeomin at specific points on the face, where muscle contractions cause dynamic lines, restores and reveals your natural beauty.

When Will I See My Results?

Within 3-5 days, patients can begin to notice changes. For those looking to maintain their refreshed and vibrant look, repeating the injections after 3-6 months is an option.

Is There Any Down Time?

Clients can immediately resume their regular activities after their injections, as there is no downtime. Although minor swelling and bruising might occur, these side effects are usually short-lived.

To minimize bruising, it is advised to avoid aspirin, fish oil, NSAIDs, alcohol, and Vitamin E for a week before your appointment.

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