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Microneedling & Morpheus8

Our microneedling treatments utilize advanced technology to stimulate your skin's natural renewal process, revealing a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Morpheus 8 RF takes microneedling to the next level, incorporating radiofrequency technology for enhanced skin tightening and contouring.

About Microneedling

Microneedling, known as collagen induction therapy, stimulates collagen production through a gentle procedure that rejuvenates the skin. This treatment effectively addresses acne scarring, reduces the visible signs of aging, and revitalizes fatigued skin.

Microneedling triggers the body's innate wound-healing process. The creation of micro-injuries prompts cytokines and growth factors to remodel collagen and elastin, leading to enhanced skin texture and tone.

What To Expect

Following a client consultation, we craft a personalized treatment plan tailored to their unique needs. This plan takes into account factors like current skin tone, texture, thickness in treatable areas, and the degree of wrinkles and scarring of concern.


A typical microneedling regimen comprises four to five sessions, each lasting approximately 45 minutes.

Our process involves thorough skin cleansing and the potential application of a soothing gel before the microneedling procedure.


Post-treatment, we cleanse the skin once more and employ techniques such as cold towel application to minimize any swelling. Importantly, clients experience minimal discomfort during the procedure.

Additional treatments are scheduled approximately one week apart, with several sessions conducted over the course of about a month. Notably, these microneedling sessions create channel wounds, often adjacent to previously treated areas, strategically guiding the body's natural skin cell regeneration process. In essence, each successive treatment builds upon the results of the previous one, enhancing overall effectiveness.

Morpheus 8 Treatment

Unveil a new standard in skin transformation with this revolutionary treatment that combines the power of micro-needling and radiofrequency.

Morpheus 8 penetrates deep into the layers of your skin, stimulating collagen production and tightening tissues, resulting in a smoother, more youthful complexion.

Whether you're targeting fine lines, wrinkles, or acne scars, Morpheus 8 offers tailored solutions for your unique needs.

What to Expect

A topical numbing cream is applied to the desired facial areas. Radiofrequency energy is then delivered through micro-pins, adjusting the depth with tips of varying lengths.

Our specialists customize the treatment for optimal results. The procedure generally takes around 1.5 hours, varying by treated area size.

After the procedure, patients can resume their regular activities. Any minor swelling or bruising can be managed with ice packs. 

Any initial tightness typically subsides within days. The total recovery time for a Morpheus8 treatment is often less than 3 days.

Patients will observe enhanced enhancements in their facial appearance following the procedure. The face gains uplift, lax areas receive volume, and overall skin complexion greatly improves. Final results become apparent just six weeks post-procedure.

Before & After

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When Will I See My Results?

Roughly a month after the last session, discernible improvements become evident. Fine lines and wrinkles diminish noticeably, while blemishes appear less prominent.

Notably, collagen production continues for an extended period even after the completion of the treatment schedule. The ultimate outcome is skin that's notably firmer and more resilient compared to its pre-microneedling state.

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