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DiamondGlow® Facial

Through a process of exfoliation and serum infusion, DiamondGlow unveils a radiant and revitalized complexion.

Whether you're seeking to combat fine lines, acne scars, or uneven texture, our DiamondGlow treatment is tailored to your unique needs. Experience the luxury of glowing skin and embrace a new level of confidence with our transformative DiamondGlow facial.


Experience the brilliance of DiamondGlow, a noninvasive skin-resurfacing solution that harnesses hydrodermabrasion to remove dead skin cells, revealing a radiant and revitalized complexion.


This 3-in-1 treatment encompasses exfoliation, extraction, and infusion of specialized cosmetic serums when the skin is most receptive.


Targeting concerns like fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, roughness, and congestion, DiamondGlow offers a multi-faceted approach to skin improvement. With minimal downtime and noninvasive nature, you can promptly resume your regular activities after the treatment.


If you're already familiar with Hydrafacial, you'll be enamored by DiamondGlow's added dimension of manual exfoliation using its diamond-encrusted tip. Experience the pleasure of leaving with smooth, hydrated, and radiant skin that's truly glowing.

What To Expect During The Treatment

As part of your DiamondGlow session, your face will undergo a thorough cleansing and analysis, followed by a discussion of your skin objectives. Tailoring the treatment to your needs, a personalized Pro-Infusion Serum will be selected.


The DiamondGlow will be administered with two passes, following the path of lymphatic drainage. This aids in the movement of lymph throughout the face, eliminating waste that can trigger inflammation and breakouts.

Manual extractions might be conducted if required. While DiamondGlow efficiently exfoliates and extracts impurities, occasional whiteheads and blackheads may persist. Our skilled professionals can expertly remove these to prevent potential infections and ensure the best outcome for your skin.

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Benefits Of The DiamondGlow® Facial

  • Enhanced skin texture


  • Diminished wrinkles and fine lines


  • Increased skin tautness and firmness


  • Enhanced tone and elasticity

  • Lessened visibility of scars and discoloration


  • Reduced pore size


  • Amplified hydration and luminosity

The Results

You'll witness noticeable results right after a single session! Your complexion will feel softer, smoother, with diminished wrinkles and pores.

Additionally, it can aid in reducing the visibility of dark spots, acne scars, fine lines, and stretch marks, all while imparting a youthful radiance to your face.

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